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The most significant risk factor identified for youth was placement in the foster care system: 22 percent of Vermont youth in foster care responding to the study reported being forced to have sex to obtain something, and another 13 percent reported being compelled to do something they did not want to do other than sex. The study concluded that Vermont youth “participate in activities suggestive of human trafficking” and that “youth with a history in the foster care system appear to be at greater risk for trafficking, survival sex, and fear of accessing medical care."
Expansion of Services Not the Solution.
As awareness of sex trafficking in Vermont grows, so does the broad array of services available to sex trafficking victims, whether or not they choose to report to or cooperate with law enforcement. Those services include existing sexual assault crisis centers and domestic violence shelters as well as the resources of the state Crime Victims Fund.
“The rules for victim compensation are no different for a trafficking victim than for any other victim, ” Van Liew says ."The victim’s fund can provide limited compensation in qualifying cases for medical treatment, counseling, and sometimes for relocation and temporary housing. In other types of cases, a victim is eligible for lost wages, but that is a difficult issue here as the person engaging in the sexual services is not directly benefiting financially from their position."
In addition to services already available to victims of crime or sexual or domestic violence, new resources are springing up to address the specific needs of sex trafficking victims. The rapid response system of Give Way to Freedom is one such example.
“It’s Friday night at 9 p. m., and a law enforcement officer thinks something is going on. He has a person who may be seeking help or showing signs of fear, and he doesn’t know what program or services to send them to, ” Klimoski explains ."We will get a facilitator there, get them established in a hotel, get them food and shelter for a few days, and just let them know what services are available. Let them know what their options are."
The most important thing to remember, Klimoski says, is that “it’s a very complicated issue. The.
perpetrator can be anybody. The victims can be anybody, male or female, any age, from anywhere.”.
Like many other social ills, such as the drug trade, sex trafficking is a product of supply and demand. According to UNICEF’s “End Trafficking” campaign, human trafficking generates over $32 billion in profits globally each year. The high demand for cheap consumer goods and commercial sex puts women and men, but especially children, at risk of becoming the supply that fulfills the demand. Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states, and the United States serves as both source and transit point for labor and sex trafficking, but it is also one of the world’s top destinations for human trafficking, particularly of children.
Services can’t truly translate into solutions until there are robust options ."Until we start to make real economic opportunities for women across the globe, ” Barkley says, “these situations will continue to arise. If there wasn’t a demand for sex business locally, we would not see the sex trade here. It’s Vermonters who are buying this service."
3 arrested in underage-prostitution sting.
SOUTH BURLINGTON � Three Vermont men were arrested after police say they agreed to meet and engage in sexual conduct with undercover law enforcement officers posing as underage female prostitutes.
Buddhi M. Pradhan, 20, of Burlington; Carl W. Shanholtzer, 30, of Swanton; and Jake Ste. Marie, 29, of Burlington were arrested Tuesday, South Burlington police said. Pradhan and Shanholtzer were held for lack of $5,000 bail pending arraignment, while Ste. Marie was held for lack of $7,500 bail.
All three men were to face charges Wednesday morning in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington of luring and prohibited acts.
During the course of five hours, multiple men conversed with undercover officers posing as underage female prostitutes, the police said. Officers told the men they were 14 years old.
The men agreed to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money with the underage girls, and they traveled to a local motel to meet them, police said. Some of the men with whom police spoke wished to engage in sex for money with undercover officers posing as adult prostitutes, too, the authorities said.
The investigation was conducted by members of the South Burlington Police Department, the Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Colchester Police Department, the Vermont Attorney General’s Office and the Vermont State Police.
5 men arrested in prostitution sweep, part of Burlington police effort to stop human trafficking.
Gallery: 5 men arrested in prostitution sweep, Burlington police say.
Five men have been arrested as authorities in Middlesex County continue their effort to stop human trafficking in the area, officials said.

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One of my foreign friends told me that a friend came into Trinidad this past week and he sent her a text to say that he just landed in the “Red Light District”. She did not know what he meant, and did not know that we had a “Red Light District” in Trinidad. I had to explain.
As I have mentioned on many occasions before, the father of modern day psychology, Sigmund Freud, posited that culture nurtures conscience, because culture sets downs the rules of our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs: what we say, do, do not do, how we dress, what we eat, and what kind of houses we live in, rules everything about our existence. Now parents, you have to explain to your children what and where is a red light district. Here is another challenge for you among so many that already exist.
I “googled”. I know that many adolescents who are techno-savvy can “google” and find out what it is. Parents, you better “google”, too. Your ten and under-aged children will ask and I know that confusion will reign. You will have to find the words. Maybe, you can say “that is a place where there are no children, it is a place for adults only and as you grow older we will have a discussion about this”.
For your teenagers who should know by now about the dangers of sexual activity, you will have to introduce them to new words. prostitute and prostitution. Discuss careers and how some people earn their living and how some people spend what they earned, and the reasons for this choice. You can also use this opportunity to discuss with them the need to pay more attention in class, improve their grades and focus on a brighter future, abstinence, the fact that other people take advantage of others who are vulnerable.
Parents, I really feel your pain with this one. I also do hope that this piece of music is not played at any of our children’s Carnival events. I can only hope. Do any of these DJs really care? They keep saying “we have to give the people what they want, so allyuh deal with that”. We are in a protection-of-children mode these days, and all citizens should be on board with this, even our culture messengers. I chose not to use the v-word which rhymes with “culture”.
A New Type of Criminal Is Emerging.
By Linda E. Edwards.
The Laventille Hills east Port of Spain area earned a reputation, deservedly or not, for high crime against persons, drug involvement, gangs, knife fights and shootings and so on, and for years, army and police units have focused on east Port of Spain in an attempt to stamp out “crime”. People are still dying there at a high rate, higher than the norm for the country. Central however, is emerging as the SEX crime capital of the country, for crimes against children.
Going just a bit further back, we had Amy Anamuthodo and Sean Luke, and a bit further back still, the five year old child who was being used as a prostitute by men in the village, Central again.
I want to go back to the 1980’s when the video “Shattered Lives” was made. That movie, and its glaring light on child sexual abuse, came about as the result of a girl in Central committing suicide because of repeated sexual assault by her father, and she not having anywhere to turn. I remember well the concern on the faces of businessmen who attended the initial meetings of the project. They were very uncomfortable with the situation, and recognized that something had to be done. There was a sense of urgency about them.
The committee had talked of getting police officers sensitized to this sort of crime, of working closely – police, social workers and the business community to do something about these horrendous cases. Some of that may be seen now in police and judges responses to reports of these crimes.
The businessman charged in the recent ‘father and son’ case of abuse against a relative must have been in his early twenties, and his young son a mere tot when that video was made.
Something has happened to this place, something that has eroded the societal values that most people used to subscribe to. We seem to have gone from aberration to something closer to standard procedure. A frightening situation if ever there was one. In Central, the number of mandirs, temples and churches seem almost to rival the number of houses. Yet, the morality of no sexual tampering with your daughters (The Shattered Lives Case), and not having intimate relations with children seem to stand entirely outside the religious experience.
It is troubling also, that in this section of the country, people seem to know what is going on, and hardly do anything about it, until a glaring case that cannot be ignored hits the headlines. Central is also the place where the Santa Maria Hotel is operated. The owner was charged with bringing in prostitutes from Venezuela for the satisfaction of his customers. The women were just deported. All the men who patronize the place must have known this. Such a place can adversely affect the moral climate of the whole area.

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Brotherhood is like a scar.
It will last your whole life.
A family that does not gather together will be divided.
Kusanya : collect, gather together, assemble, amass.
3775. Ujamaa ukiingia kutu, unyonyaji hustawi. EM u4.
When a familyhood gathers moss, exploitation thrives.
When love and respect for each other in the household erodes by foreign practices, people begin to exploit each other as they become more interested in personal advantages.
3776. Ujana ni tumaini, uzee ni kumbukumbu. EM. u6.
Youth is hope, old age is remembrance.
Youth lives on expectation on what is coming; old people live more on remembering what’s past rather than on what’s coming.
3777. Ujira wa mzazi aujua mungu. REK.
The wages of a parent are known by God.
God knows what is due to parents.
3778. Ukalamzi wa mtoto sawa na ule wa baba yake. AL 1799.
The craftiness of the child is the same as its father’s.
3779. Ukibeza la [ya] mkuu, utaona makuu. NGU.
If you scorn [the advice] of your elder, you’ll see evil happenings.
3780. Ukigombana na mama asiye mama yako, ni kuchokoza midomo bure. KB.301.
To dispute with your stepmother is to tire your lips for nothing.
A stepmother does not have the same sentiments as a mother.
3781. Ukila na ndege, ule na kuku. AL 887.
If you eat with the birds, eat also with the chickens.
Ukila na ndege, ukumbuke kuku. AL 887.
If you eat with the birds, remember the chicken.
Inviting a visitor for a meal must not harm your family.
3782. Ukimlea mwana mwema, na mui mlelee; mwema ukimpa mchele, mui mpe chelele. KA.
If you bring up a good child, bring up also the bad one; if you give rice to the good one, give rice husks to the bad one.
Do not throw out the bad child, give it something. Cf #1546.
3783. Ukimwoa mke mpya, hutamsahau wa zamani. AL, oa ; AL 927.
If you marry a new wife, you will not forget the old one.
The man with several wives must preserve the rank of his first wife. AL.
3784. Ukioa bibi ueneze kino na mtwangio. AL 941.
If you take a wife, make also room for the pestle and mortar.
Mtwangio (Kitabwa dialect) for mchi : pestle.
3785. Ukiogopa kutumia fimbo, uta[m]haribu mtoto. NGU.
If you are afraid to use the stick, you’ll harm [spoil] the child.
3786. Ukiokota njelani, yafaa kuvumulia machafu. AL 914.
If you collect lianas, you better be ready to suffer dirt.
Lianas for basket making must be split and scraped, releasing lots of dirty matter.
A person who marries must be ready to support the family. AL.
Njelani (Kingwana dialect) also bugu, kamba : liana, tropical creeper.
If you are predestined to be married, you are married.
To be destined by God. What God has decreed will happen. Sacleux.
Olewa : to be taken in marriage.
3788. Ukipata chungu kipya, usitupe kile cha zamani . AL 975; AL, pata .
If you get a new waterpot, don’t throw away the old one.
Don’t reject what is still used, even if it has lost its shine; the new spouse must not despise the older woman.
Ukipata chungu kipya, usisahau kigae. AL 974.
If you get a new stone pot, don’t forget the old potsherd.
Inlaws are like a refuse dump.
Marriage is costly. The inlaws are always asking for supplements to the brideprice.
3790. Ulimwengu una tata, siikuwe; ambao wamkamata, simtoe. JKP.
The world is full of problems, don’t be proud; the one you have, don’t let her go.
"It’s better to keep a wife than to take a mistress." JKP.
3791. Umande hauogopi shemeji. AL 781.
The brother or sister in-law is not afraid of the morning dew.
A determined person overcomes difficulties. AL.
In certain circumstances one breaks rules.
3792. Umekuwa bata akili kwa watoto? F.47.22; AL 900.
Are you a duck that your mind is only on your children? F.
About someone who takes care of close family only. AL.
The one you desire, do not look at her.
It would be improper for a gentleman to stare at the woman he fancies. JKP.
3794. Undugu ni firisi [hirisi] hautafunwi kwa meno. NGU.
Brotherhood is like a charm, it is not crushed with teeth.
3795. Upate kumshauria mtoto wa mama yake lazima kukausha macho yako. AL, jicho ; AL 783.
To be able to advise the child of its mother, you must be intrepid (have dry eyes).
Someone decisive is also audacious. AL.
3796. Upendo wa mama kwa mwana hauchagui. NGU.
A mother’s love for her child is not biased.
3797. Usiache mkeo kwa maneno ya kusikia. NGU.
Don’t leave your wife on account of what you heard. Cf. #925.
3798. Uzazi [una] matata, ugumba [una] matata. NGU.
Giving birth has trouble, sterility has trouble.
Parenthood has troubles, spinsters and bachelors have trouble too.
3799. Uzazi wachekwa na mtu gumba: mzazi ajionea uchungu. AL 1290.
Parenthood is mocked by the childless person: a parent resents the bitterness.
Success of others causes jealousy.
3800. Vitu vya myumbani vinajulikana na panya; basi mwewe anapita juu ataweza kujua vilivyo nyumbani. AL 903.
The mouse knows about the things in the house; but what does the hawk, that flies overhead, know about things of that house.
All the fingers are not the same.
Children of one family may differ. JKP.
They were married, they will speak to one another.

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Unless, that is, you�re in a pair of Evoras on full blues �n� twos. Our mini-convoy cleaves a clear path through traffic, drivers and riders squeezing respectfully to the edge as we glide ceremoniously through.
As we pull to a halt beside Constantine Arch, the gathered crowd breaks into a spontaneous round of applause. I could get used to this. A pair of Roman centurions stride over. Interesting. Does our ballistic cop-car convoy have the ability to cut holes in the space-time continuum? Centurion II fishes out a mobile phone from deep within his subarmalis. Apparently not, then.
�Low-toose!� cheers Centurion I, giving me the ancient Roman seal of approval, a cheesy thumbs-up. I�m surprised that a small British brand registers on the radar of a country with more than its fair share of fast-car marques, but Rome really gets Lotus. We�re assaulted with a barrage of questions from the locals. They all know what these cars are.
Two state police officers edge past in a baby-blue Panda, gazing intently at the Evoras. If you�re unsure how the Italian police system works, you�re not alone. There are, in total, some half-dozen police forces in Italy, including – and I�m not making this up – the Forestry Police (presumably they�re Special Branch). The carabinieri is unique among these because it holds military status, its officers trained as both soldiers and policemen, even acting as the official force of the Italian army, navy and air force.
This means two things. One, they are really not to be messed with. Two, they�re often engaged in missions overseas: carabinieri are stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Lebanon.
So, unlike the domestic police, the carabinieri are recognised around the world. And that, says Lotus, is why it gifted a pair of Evoras to them: a present from one �global brand� to another. At least, that�s the marketing line. My suspicion is Lotus donated the Evoras because it knew they�d make jolly good police cars. It is a truth universally acknowledged that any car can be improved with a police livery, but the Evora looks born to be a jam sandwich.
That�s because it was. Well, these two were, at least.
Lotus didn�t simply ship a pair of navy Evoras out to Italy for the carabinieri to slap on a few stickers and a set of blue lights. These cars are the result of a year-long collaboration between Rome and Norfolk, the livery and preparation done in-house at Hethel.
As well as the Spleen Freezer and the many rows of blue lights, Lotus engineers also fitted the Evora with the carabinieri�s EVA (Enhanced Vehicle Automation) unit – a combined satnav/comms/surveillance device that, for some reason, TopGear is prevented from fiddling with – and a whacking great PA system that, for some reason, TopGear is not prevented from fiddling with.
We�re somewhere outside the Vatican when Rocco hands me the microphone. It�s at this point I wish I.
knew the Italian for: �Get yer trousers on. You�re nicked!� Sadly I don�t, so I limit myself to reciting: �Stay calm. The situation is normal. Please carry on,� through the speakers in my finest Pathe accent.
This doesn�t seem to have the desired effect on the Roman public. Time to leave.
As impressive as the carabinieri drivers� traffic-cleaving abilities, is their extraordinary cab-driver knowledge of Rome�s thousands of tiny back streets. Every cut-through, passage, rat-run� these guys know the lot, slipping down impossibly narrow alleys before popping up in front of another stunning ancient monument. Or a scooter.
As we sneak out of a scrawny side street, a gangling teen on a Vespa with a long, drooping cigarette flopping between his lips, jumps a red light, wobbling unsteadily in front of us. Catching a glimpse of blue light, the rider glances over his left shoulder, his face freezing in a portrait of rictus terror as he spots the sleek, evil pair of police cars.
Rocco pulls alongside him and winds down the window. There follows a short lecture that, (a) I don�t understand a word of, (b) is delivered in a friendly voice with a cheery smile, and, (c) leaves me in no doubt that you don�t want to get on the wrong side of the carabinieri. The scooterist slinks off into the Rome afternoon like a reprimanded puppy. A practice run this may be, but the carabinieri is still keeping Rome in line.
Diving out of the city centre, we drop into the carabinieri�s HQ in northern Rome. It�s like the lair of a benevolent Bond villain.
Behind the main gates, vast queues of armoured vehicles line up beside carabinieri-liveried SUVs and motorbikes. Dozens of well-groomed horses, topped with well-groomed riders, trot in neat rows along well-groomed paths as uniformed men roll between well-groomed bushes, brandishing pistols in what I only hope are training exercises. As if today wasn�t Hollywood-surreal enough already.
The Evoras receive the same red-carpet reception from the carabinieri as they did from the Roman public. I wondered if there might be some lingering distrust of the Brit pair from a nation with such a distinguished heritage of building sports cars, but there�s only love for the Evoras and, particularly, their link to Lotus�s Formula One heritage.

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